Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Warrior and Frankovis Reflect on DarthDoyle's "Shammission"

The Warrior, vacationing but functioning, reflects a bit on his experience with DarthDoyle's "Crime Commission" testimony, and raises a question:

Why has this struck a chord, especially among conservatives? It really is hard to see how the Commission is important. It was created by the Governor as a sop to some black legislators, and what it says is unlikely to have any real effect on criminal justice in Wisconsin.

The Warrior also has an answer:

...people have simply become fed up with the dishonesty surrounding the issue. The naked contrast between the harsh reality of life in the black inner city and the cosy situation of race hustling black politicians is hard to stomach. While children are being shot the politicians are wringing their hands over the fact that a greater proportion of blacks than whites is being thrown in prison.

Cpt. (Ret'd) Glenn Frankovis also testified at the hearing, and relates his experience (and testimony) at his new blog-home. Glenn's later reflections contain some observations which present 'variations' on The Warrior's theme. (See comments section of the post)

...I looked around and didn’t see or hear any of those who I met with at the many Neighborhood Meetings I attended while C.O. of Districts #5 and #3. It would have been nice to hear elected officials such as Leon Young and others speak to the Commission on behalf of their constituents as they did at the meetings I attended ...

So even the RESIDENTS of the affected area(s) don't think too much of DarthDoyle's Shammission...

But there's more:

You know, for Milwaukee’s politicians - especially those politicians in whose Districts violent crime has escalated over the last 4 years - for those politicians not to show up and speak to this Commission on behalf of their many constituents and talk about the effects violent criminals have had on the neighborhoods they represent is absolutely an embarrassment to the City of Milwaukee.

And Glenn names names: Terrance Herron, Leon Young...

We should mention that the JS' reporter-ette failed to note Frankovis' testimony, too.

How much of a sham is it when residents and their "elected" officials fail to show?

Curious, is it not, that only Conservatives give a damn about the victims.

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