Monday, August 27, 2007

Really Dumb Business Decision

Really, REALLY dumb.

Soon after moving to Gilsum, N.H. (population 811), Rossey learned that he couldn't get broadband to support his Web programming business, TooCoolWebs. DSL wasn't available, and the local cable service provider wasn't interested in extending the cabling for its broadband service the three-tenths of a mile required to reach Rossey's house — even if he paid the full $7,000 cost.

Rossey ended up signing a two-year, $450-per-month contract for a T1 line that delivers 1.44Mbit/sec. of bandwidth. He pays 10 times more than the cable provider would have charged and receives one quarter of the bandwidth.

The story-line is that ISP's are eeeeeeeeevil capitalist pigs who will not provide broadband to East Noplace.

Somehow, using Mr. Rossey as the supporting cast doesn't help make the case.

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