Thursday, August 16, 2007

If You Liked Chinese Lead, How About Chinese Chicken*&^%?

You can't make this stuff up.

The United States imports 80 percent of the seafood consumed by Americans, and China is the largest foreign source. The FDA says that a quarter of the shrimp coming from China contains antibiotics that are not allowed in U.S. food production and cannot be eliminated by cooking.

The FDA rejected 51 shipments of catfish, eel, shrimp, and tilapia because of contaminants such as salmonella, veterinary drugs, and a cancer-causing chemical called nitrofuran.

China raises most of its fish in water contaminated with raw sewage, and China compensates by using dangerous drugs and chemicals, many of which are banned in the United States. The Chinese try to control the spread of bacterial infections, disease and parasites by pumping the food with antibiotics and the waters with pesticides.

Chicken pens are often suspended over ponds where seafood is farmed, recycling chicken feces as fish food.

Some food retailer is going to make a FORTUNE by having a "US Grown" product-section in their store.

It was fun listening to FreeTradeFreddie (one of Fox's 'Beltway Farts') brush off all this "poisoned-products" news last night.

Maybe Freddie should demonstrate the right way to eat Chinese ChickenShit.

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