Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pro-Life Wisconsin Seeks Retraction of Defamation by Planned Parenthood

This could become very interesting.

Pro-Life Wisconsin is asking NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin (NARAL) and Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin (PPAW) to retract and correct false and defamatory statements published and aired about the organization and its executive director, Peggy Hamill. The statements expressly name Pro-Life Wisconsin and Peggy Hamill as attendees and celebrants of a July 28 event in Milwaukee organized to commemorate Paul Hill’s 1994 murder of a Florida abortionist including a reenactment of the day of the murder and a memorial honoring Hill.

...“The statements that I was present or participated in the event as well as their interpretation that I or Pro-Life Wisconsin approve of or condone murder are totally false and defamatory,” said Hamill.

...Mrs. Hamill and her husband were near the abortion mill earlier in the day, their personal van parked around on a side street, praying the rosary on behalf of the babies, as is their custom every Saturday. They intentionally left the area well in advance, to avoid the re-enactment event, and by the time it was scheduled, 11:00 a.m. , they were miles away.

“PPAW even went so far as to shoot a video of me praying the rosary well before the reenactment event began and then splice it into their video of the event to make it appear as if I were a participant,” said Hamill. “Such action cannot be passed off as a mistake, but rather a calculated effort to smear my name and that of my organization. This shameful deceit deserves an apology.

Proving again that 'what you see ain't necessarily what actually happened.'

PP should "man up" and apologize for their action.


illusory tenant said...

"earlier in the day"

Very clever. How many minutes or seconds earlier in the day, I wonder.

The hubbub was underway well before 11 a.m., shortly after which the main celebrants decided to move their act away from the clinic and into the parkette across the street.

What a sad coincidence for Hamill that her van was observed together with the other similarly festooned vehicles.

Dad29 said...

Wonder all you want. Defamation can cost money.

I suspect that Ms. Hammill is VERY aware of what time she left the area.

illusory tenant said...

Well if you want to play defamation lawyer, consider that the "event" referred to by the NARAL press release is Paul Hill Days, and the reenactment itself was only the "highlight" of that event.

Hamill reportedly attended the "event" if not its "highlight."

Dad29 said...


More spliced film? Photoshopped pix?

Ms. Hammill's OWN testimony is that they don't condone Hill's action.

Not playing lawyer, by the way--but I think that Ms. Hammill already is being advised.

Like I said, this could be interesting.

illusory tenant said...

Yes, reportedly:

"We were down at the abortion clinic praying our regular rosary and there were a lot of other people there," Hamill said. "Whenever we're in town my husband and I pray the rosary at Affiliated clinic … We were part of the Pro-Life Wisconsin group."

Truly, a remarkable coincidence.

It's interesting alright.

Anonymous said...

Something about Ms. Hammill's account reminds me of one of my kids 'splaining why they shouldn't be punished for going to an underage drinking party because, like, y'know, they left like RIGHT BEFORE, JEEZ MOM, anyone actually popped a poptop on a brewski.

After all, Hill's event was advertised for all weekend. Best bet would have been to stay away from Friday through Sunday, it would seem, if one wanted to not run the risk of being connected to those all-out crazy headline-seekers.

And after all, wherever you pray a rosary, God will hear you -- since she has the hearing that every mother amazing develops within hours of childbirth. The radar for lame excuses, though? That takes a few more years to develop. But it does get better and better with every lame excuse detected -- and it remains activated for life. Ms. Hamill's line just proved that for me.

Rev. Donald Spitz said...

This one is funny. From one of the babykilling pro-aborts who spend all their time watching every move we make and reporting it to others who watch every move we make. (These people need a life, instead of living theirs vicariously though the lives of anti-abortionists)
SAY THIS PRAYER: Dear Jesus, I am a sinner and am headed to eternal hell because of my sins. I believe you died on the cross to take away my sins and to take me to heaven. Jesus, I ask you now to come into my heart and take away my sins and give me eternal life.

AutismNewsBeat said...

Hamill is blowing smoke. In order to win, she would have to show damages. Second, she would have to show that her extremist organization's image suffered. She would also have to comply with discovery, and produce lots of embarrassing documents and answer any question put to her by PP's lawyers. And after five years of bake sales and car washes to pay for her laywers, Hamill will lose, because this is a First Amendment issue, and truth is a defense.

Dad29 said...

Well, only a few posts and we have the "EXTREEEEEEEME!!!!" canard.

Where have we heard THAT adjective before?


illusory tenant said...

I'm just pleased that, thanks to Mr. Spitz, I'm no longer the most disreputable person in this thread.

Anonymous said...

Lest any here waste God-given gorgeous Saturday time on Spitz, see the Southern Poverty Law Center site:

Dad29 said...

Illusory, I'd spend a lot more time drinking beer with you than with "Rev" Spitz. Your thinking is disreputable (maybe 'confused' is a better word,) but it's not my impression that YOU are 'disreputable.'

BTW, Morry Dees is almost as disreputable as "Rev" Spitz.