Saturday, August 18, 2007

"Of the People...For the People" and a Dead Girl

So a Kenyan enrolls at UW-Platteville in the Civil Engineering school. He drops out to take up a more lucrative vocation: drug-running gang-banger.

As soon as he left college, he became an illegal alien. But hey! No problem-o, mon. Right?

Prosecutors allege that Mwenda Murithi was a leader in the Imperial Gangsters and on the evening of June 25 he gave the order to shoot at a rival gang, killing 13-year-old Schanna Gayden, an innocent bystander.

Murithi, 26, was charged with first-degree murder along with the alleged gunman, Tony Serrano, 19

But that's not news; nor is it all that unusual. IA's who kill are all over the place.

What we have here is worse than that. What we have here is Government For Itself, By Itself, and Of Itself--and screw all those "people" who actually pay for it.

The perp could have been deported a LONG time ago, after another felony conviction, right?


"If he was charged and did time, how come ICE wasn't notified so they could detain him?" asked Brian Perryman, former head of the Chicago office of what is now ICE. "Why wasn't he taken into custody after he served his sentence? And if ICE wasn't notified, why not? That's a big mistake.

"Not us! said the Chicago Police Department. "We don't ever ask about immigration status," said spokeswoman Monique Bond. "We leave that up to the courts.

"Not us! said the Cook County state's attorney's office. "We don't check," said spokesman John Gorman. "That's for [ICE] to do. We're not involved.

"Not us! said ICE. "Law enforcement agencies can contact our Law Enforcement Support Center for timely and accurate information" 24 hours a day, Rusnok said. If "the person who is being inquired about is subject to removal, [ICE] can place a detainer with the Police Department ordering the department to hold the person ... to allow ICE officials to take the person into custody and begin removal proceedings."

By the way, this set of responses could easily be cut/pasted into a number of Wisconsin settings.

And we'll have the opportunity to see it happen.

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RAG said...

Remember that the killer of Deputy Fabiano is an illegal...oops, "UNDOCUMENTED" alien.