Thursday, August 16, 2007

S-CHIP Loser: Wisconsin


The Washington Dimowits have decided to increase tobacco taxes through their S-CHIP legislation. Naturally, that means that less tobacco will be consumed.

And naturally, that will have an impact on State tobacco-tax revenues.

And naturally, that will blow a hole in the Wisconsin budget--either $13 million or $18 million, depending on which version passes.

AND, under the re-allocation plans, Wisconsin will lose an ADDITIONAL $330 million or so over the first 5 years of the plan.

One possible solution: have Spencer Black play Joe Camel at county fairs--recruiting new smokers will help. Maybe Nurse Robson Rached can be Josette Camel, too!

Another solution: veto the damn thing.

HT: Human Events


RAG said...

There's a horrible duplicity here. The government relies on tobacco tax revenues, which it shouldn't, while trying to discourage tobacco use, which it should.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Keep biting the hand that feeds you, see what happens.

Billiam said...

$4.00 is my end time. Doyle and all who vote for that piece of suet, well, You know.