Friday, August 24, 2007

Mass Non-Attendance

The play on words was gruesome--what makes it worse is that it's true.

The indefatigable researcher at the Province found the numbers, and they are not too good.

As a percentage of registered members, average Mass attendance:

St. Dominic's 38%; St John Vianney 33%; St Mary Elm Grove 33%; St Luke's, 41%.

St. Anthony 9th/Mitchell: 144%, which is likely some kinda glitch... St Josaphat, 52%, St Maximilian Kolbe 71% (but a small parish registration...)

There are other numbers available at the link to the Province...

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xxxxxx said...

St Anthony you think it could be that people who are not registered are coming and somehow have been counted in? I know that we get envelopes mailed out to us only because they know we are using them.