Thursday, August 23, 2007

Doyle and Rudee, Sittin' in a Tree

Which one, DarthDoyle, or Rudy Giuliani, said this about gun restrictions?

So if you're talking about a city..., a densely populated area..., I think it's appropriate. You might have different laws other places, and maybe a lot of this gets resolved based on different states, different communities making decisions.

Yup. That was Rudy. Later, he used the only legitimate justification:

After all, we do have a federal system of government in which you have the ability to accomplish that.

Federalism, of course, is another way to phrase 'the Principle of subsidiarity.'

At some point in time, the limits of that principle have to be discussed in practical terms. As others have mentioned, a complete ban on "having a handgun" in the City of Milwaukee will have practical consequences; someone traveling from (say) Mequon to (say) Racine with an unloaded handgun in the trunk would be in violation of a "complete ban."


At some point, the right to self-defense must trump "local preferences."


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