Monday, August 20, 2007

Rather Than Refute Bp. Sklba

Here, a local blogger tells us that Bp. Sklba seems to advocate breaking the liturgical laws.

Yah, well.

Rather than get into the semantic stuff, I thought I'd steal and re-post this parody, which pretty much sums up the situation:

Here in this nice liturgical setting
We circumambulate round the divine
Comfor’ble yes, tho’ we’re not forgetting
We gather here for the crackers and wine

Gather us in, self-righteous but corny
Gather us in, and force us to stay
Aged queer priests, perpetually horny
Tho’ chasing the altar boys don’t call them gay

Don’t you just love a pair of maracas
Shaken beside an electric guitar
Associate pastor straight from Caracas
Lib’ration theology preached from afar

Gather us in, the Catholic Thinkers
Gather us in, Perpetual Reform
Adore above all liturgical tinkers
Everything’s normal except for the norm

Our ambo’s adorned with rainbow felt banners
Hanging there since Johnny Kennedy’s reign
Teddy his brother once showed us his manners
In the front pew, you can still see the stain

Gather us in, the sad faithless Yankees
Gather us in, the Catholic elite
Sing Halelujah, here take my hanky
It’s Holy Thursday you must wash my feet
It’s Holy Thursday you must wash my feet
It’s Holy Thursday
You must

Hint to the Liturgeists: See the text in RED.

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xxxxxx said...

I dare you to print a couple hundred copies of these lyrics and paste them in the appropriate places in the Gather Hymnal...I'll help you!