Monday, August 27, 2007

Brookfield Goes All Camelot

"SILENCIO!!!!", famously screamed by Harry Morgan at his MASH medical staff...

[Brookfield] Residents could soon find they have less time to get their lawns mowed, under a proposal being considered by the Common Council's Legislative and Licensing Committee.

The committee postponed action on a request from Ald. Scott Berg for an ordinance that would prohibit lawn mowing late at night because of excessive noise. Aldermen wanted more information on whether the noise from lawn mowers was a widespread problem in the city.

Ald. Lisa Mellone said that some residents work from dawn until dusk, and with children and school activities, some of them have to cut their lawns at night. Mellone also said enforcing a restriction would be difficult. The city already has ordinances that restrict noise caused by air-conditioning equipment, store loading docks, construction and garbage collection. Ordinances limiting lawn mowing hours already exist in Elm Grove and Wauwatosa, city officials said.

Perhaps Alderman Berg would define "late at night." In Camelot, of course, that's when the rain must fall, which would interfere with mowing the lawn anyway.


steveegg said...

Oak Creek defines "late at night" as 10 pm (with the start of the day as 7 am).

xxxxxx said...

That's husband and I, though at times wishing that one or two neighbors had some higher standards...generally avoid any neighborhood or city that enforces so much.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if it was a money generating scheme. Cut the grass after a certain time, get a ticket. Don't cut your grass because your working during the allowed times, get a ticket for an unkempt yard.