Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cdl. Newman on Rudy (and Some Other Catholics)

That 'some other Catholics' group is large, by the way.

Here's a clip from Newman's Grammar of Assent:

We cannot without absurdity call ourselves at once believers and inquirers also. Thus it is sometimes spoken of as a hardship that a Catholic is not allowed to inquire into the truth of his Creed;—of course he cannot, if he would retain the name of believer. He cannot be both inside and outside of the Church at once. It is merely common sense to tell him that, if he is seeking, he has not found. If seeking includes doubting, and doubting excludes believing, then the Catholic who sets about inquiring, thereby declares that he is not a Catholic. He has already lost faith. And this is his best defence to himself for inquiring, viz. that he is no longer a Catholic…

Some, like this guy, are honest about it.

Others are not.

HT: Cosmos, Liturgy

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Billiam said...

That was an interesting article. I'll have to start reading that blog more often. Thanks, Dad!