Friday, August 17, 2007

Did GWB FooFooDust Us? "No-Match" a Sham

FooFooDust: (n), neuter: 1) Artful deceptive phrases or sentences; 2) Misleading or inaccurate information. See: "B.S.", "Partial Truth", "Clintonism"

GWB's announcement that DHS will start actions against employers which retain "no-match" workers has a couple of major flaws.

A "no-match" arises when a worker submits a Social Security number for tax records and the number does not exist, or does not match the worker's name. Simple, no?


...when the Social Security Administration warns employers about bogus identification numbers, it remains barred from also alerting the Department of Homeland Security, the agency that's supposed to hand out penalties.

In addition, federal promises to hold companies responsible for hiring illegal immigrants could potentially be stymied by several other issues: Employers are still not required to check a new employee's Social Security number against a free federal database, there could be long gaps between when an employee is hired to when the warnings are issued each year, and there is no way to follow up on employees who have been fired. In many cases, illegal workers could still hop from job to job without being caught.

So while it sounded good, it doesn't really mean all that much. The Administration continues to disappoint.

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