Saturday, August 18, 2007


This will not be a Kevin Fisher Elvis post--that is, it will be less than 5,000 words...

Watched TVLand's special on Elvis tonight. Observations:

1) My longsuffering and lovely wife DELAYED SHOPPING to watch Elvis (!!)

2) He was in a movie called King Creole; other (minor) players included Walter Matthau, Betty Davis, and Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong playing backup to Elvis.

3) The early Elvis was a lot more vibrant and charged up than the late Elvis. Yah, the voice was more mature later on, as was the persona; but for pure heat, look before 1965 or so.

4) You could tell he hit it big by 1960: the backup band got bigger. A LOT bigger.

Whoa! He had talent!

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