Friday, August 17, 2007

The Shark Goes Back to Court

Found on Free Republic:

Wisconsin Right to Life has filed a legal motion to attempt to intervene on the behalf of a disabled woman there who has become the target of euthanasia. The guardian of the LaCrosse women has requested the withdrawal of nutrition and hydration that could lead to a painful death similar to Terri Schiavo.

The woman is named Marilyn and in her 50s and she has had several strokes and has dementia. However, she is believed not to be terminally ill and is not dying, the pro-life group told

She is currently a patient at Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center where she is being kept under sedation and is fed through the use of a feeding tube.

Marilyn has left no advance directive or instructions or otherwise indicated her wishes with respect to the withdrawal of life-preserving nutrition and hydration. That's what led to the legal dispute between Terri's family and her formal husband, who eventually won the right to have her killed.

Wisconsin Right to Life attorneys Rick Esenberg and Terry Allen Davis submitted the motion to intervene in the case for the organization.

"This should be the end of the matter," they told the court. "Under controlling law, it is not possible for Marilyn's guardian or this court to order the withdrawal of nutrition and hydration."

Go, Rick, Go!!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe advance directives should be mandated.