Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Newly-Literalist Liturgeists

Only the Curt Jester could come up with this--all of it true.

Here are the top five surprising results to Summorum Pontificum:

1) Progressive liturgists and others are now finally concerned that priests properly know and use the rubrics. At least for the extraordinary form of Mass in the Latin Rite.

2) A new concern for the number of people attending Mass. Declining numbers at experimental liturgy did not invoke a similar concern.

3) That priests more than adequately know Latin. At least if they want to be allowed to celebrate the 1962 missal.

4) The word "extraordinary" is finally coming to a proper understanding of what it means. Now if only they can learn to take the same view towards Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.

5) Some bishops are now much more concerned about how liturgy is celebrated in their diocese and even want to test their priests capability in this regard. Maybe even one day the same concern will be applied to the ordinary form of the Mass.

Yah, it's a different world today.


Anonymous said...

Great post & blog...

GOR said...

It is fascinating to watch the linguistic and procedural gymnastics some bishops are going through in opposition to SP and Latin use. But even they are forced - grudgingly, one imagines - to admit that things got out of hand with the Novus Ordo.

Contra those who think that the SP is just about the SSPX and aging traditionalists, I believe the Holy Father looks to the older form also as a leaven - to bring the NO to more dignified and reverent celebration.

And I think it's working - as people are forced to acknowledge that the NO has rubrics and is not laissez faire.

xxxxxx said...

People don't care that the Church has rubrics, many people I know adore the "progressive" mass. Unfortunately.

I would have a hard time staying Catholic if not for St Anthony's...thank God we at least have one Latin mass if that ever goes away. I couldn't go to these other places. Nothing sacred there.