Saturday, August 25, 2007

American Common Sense


...a poll conducted in the days after the Virginia Tech massacre found that the majority of Americans don't fully align themselves with either the pro- or anti-gun arguments.

The MSN-Zogby poll found that 59 percent of Americans do not believe stricter gun control policies would have prevented Cho Seung-Hui from killing 32 people and then himself in the worst shooting mass murder in America's history. The poll found that only 36 percent of those polled believe stronger gun control could have prevented the shootings.

This next graf has curious wording, to say the least:

Slightly more than half of those polled—54 percent—say that more guns would not stop killing sprees

....and it was used by the reporter to make the point that 'self-defense' gun purchases are not good, or something.

But the poll-evidence is overwhelming: DarthDoyle's head-in-sand (I'm polite today) anti-gun position is extreme, not mainstream.

August 2002: A new Zogby International poll showing that 75 percent of the American public believes the Second Amendment protects their individual right to keep and bear arms proves that gun ownership is a “mainstream value.”

April 2005: Asked whether they agreed or disagreed that banning guns would reduce the threat from terrorists, [they] disagreed by a margin of 75%.

Extreme Jim Doyle and his sidekick, Tommy Barrett, are simply out of mainstream thought patterns on the issue.


Billiam said...

While that may be true, with the media on their side, they, and their like, have the loudest voice. So for people to hear the other side, they have to make the effort to look. Most are too lazy to do that.

capper said...

I must say that without looking at the article, that last stat is awfully perplexing. 75% of those polled said banning guns would do little or nothing to reduce the threat of terrorists. Considering that the common consensus would be that the next threat would be a weapon of mass destruction, I would concur with that poll. However, having a gun will do little against a dose of anthrax or a wave of nuclear radiation.

One might as well as ask would having a finger in your ear and singing the theme from Sesame Street will reduce terrorist threats.

The Badgerland Conservative said...

Onceagain, as I posted elsewhere, including my own place ... I own two guns. They are of no threat to you unless you break into my house. Then you will be found dead as a result. Until then, keep your (expletive deleted) hands off my guns.

Dad29 said...

Capper, the poll was taken immediately after 9/11, which explains the somewhat stupid question you pointed out.