Monday, August 20, 2007

MSM "Hall of Shame" Website

Here's a useful list of reminders that the MSM is often wrong, wrong, wrong.

A few quick items:

1. ABC, Food Lion story (1992). Fraudulent techniques and probable fabrication. Two ABC producers lied on their resumes to get jobs at Food Lion. They each wore a wig hiding a tiny lipstick-sized camera, and each carried a concealed microphone. It's possible they shot footage of mishandled food by doing the mishandling themselves. Food Lion sued ABC and a jury awarded it $5.5 million

7. CBS, Dan Rather, The Wall Within (1988). Fell for hoax, liars. This documentary had Dan Rather interviewing six Viet Nam veterans who told stories of slaughter, cruelty and the horrors of war. "You're telling me that you went into the village, killed people, burned part of the village, then made it appear that the other side had done this?" Rather asked. "Yeah. It was kill VC, and I was good at what I did." It turned out that five of the six were never in the service at all, and the sixth, who claimed to be a Navy SEAL, was an equipment repairman and never near combat.

14. New Orleans Times-Picayune (among others), Pulitzer Prize winning coverage of Katrina (2005). Reporting rumors, hoaxes and lies. "... described inflated body counts, unverified ‘rapes', and unconfirmed sniper attacks as among examples of ‘scores of myths about the dome and Convention Center treated as fact by evacuees, the media and even some of New Orleans' top officials'." Also see Popular Mechanics for a refutation of Katrina myths.

Naturally, the list doesn't mention "What the MSM Missed," which includes the rape and pillage of Milwaukee County by Ament & Co. Yes, Murphy eventually found it--after it had been going on for a number of years.

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Al said...

Don't forget Danny Boy's biggest goof up & his equivelent of Watergate,Memogate, the false memos about Pres. Bush's service in the Texas National Guard.