Friday, February 16, 2007

Town of Brookfield to Get High Taxes, Stupid Sidewalks

Oh, yeah. And likely in less than 5 years.

...Speaker [Mayor, City of Brookfield] made one more thing clear in his letter to the town: The city will not negotiate a permanent boundary agreement. One year ago in the midst of a heated re-election campaign, Speaker called for boundary talks with the town.

"The Common Council of the City of Brookfield has affirmed its position that such an arrangement is not in the best interests of the city, town and the region as a whole," Speaker wrote last week.

Translate: "Screw You!, Town of Brookfield. Our annexation motions will follow shortly."

This is a matter of money, plain and simple. The City covets (in the worst sense) the Town's tax base on Bluemound Road. The City's annexation will increase property-taxes.

But Town residents can look forward to sidewalks! And "Street-Scaping" such as was installed in the Village area of the City. Notice that the City had a 5-man/4 truck crew attempting to clear snow from that area this morning.

How efficient!

One more thing: in another part of Speaker's letter, he told the Town that the City would be happy to take over the Town's fire station, staffing it with City personnel.

Speaker said that would cost $875,000 in 2008 with subsequent annual increases of 3% or the consumer price index.

What's NOT in that sentence? The phrase "whichever is less."

The City will continue featherbedding its Fire Department personnel by sending an engine company on ambulance runs. This costs money, folks.

Think the City's tight with its dollars? Think again.

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