Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Surprise!! Bp. Marini Doesn't Like CDW

Those of us who watched (in some pain) the liturgical gyrations forced on John Paul II by the head of the Papal Ceremonies office, Bp. Marini, are not going to be surprised.

[Fr. Keith Pecklers, S.J.] mentioned Archbishop Piero Marini, the papal master of ceremonies, who for years stood by Pope John Paul II when he presided at Mass. Pecklers said Marini has a book coming out next year blaming the "liturgy wars" on the Congregation for Divine Worship, an office of the Vatican that oversees worship for the Catholic Church worldwide. It's a matter of control.

The gimlet-eyed John Allen (NcR) comments thus:

"The Congregation of Divine Worship is much more conservative, sober, Romanesque," Allen said. "The Office of Liturgical Celebration doesn't buy that at all. Their liturgies are more modern, dynamic, expressive." He joked that the [Pope's] liturgical office staff "try to set a record for how many liturgical rules they can break in one papal Mass. These things usually have dance numbers that rival 'Cats.'"

That 'staff' would be employees of Bp. Marini. And a better phrase than "modern, dynamic, expressive" would be "wet, wild, and wacky".

Marini is the very model of the modern Lit-ur-Geist-i-cal.


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