Monday, February 12, 2007

DarthDoyle Disses Marriage, Too

It's not really enough to propose A Tax A Day for DarthDoyle (D-Babykillers.)

He just has to get rid of that money, too.

So here's part of it:

Gov. Jim Doyle says he’ll propose offering group health insurance benefits to domestic partners of all state employees when he presents his state budget proposals to lawmakers during the coming week.

Reaction from a State employee:

Megan Sapnar, a UW graduate student and lecturer in the department of communications arts, said being able to cover her partner under the state’s health insurance program would make a tremendous difference in their lives.

I guess so. Of course, her 'partner' could actually get a friggin' JOB.

It's clear that the cynical boys were right (and now actually govern some States): "Why buy the cow if you can have the milk free?"

Here, 'the milk' is health-insurance coverage. The condition requiring actual sacrifice and commitment demonstrated by marriage is no longer required.

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