Saturday, February 24, 2007

But Does Lott Have "Bad Hair Day" Insurance?

Ol' Trent Lott, disgraced (and disgraceful) at his slimy best:

...which industry would be first to feel the new majority's populist rage. Oil? Pharma? Banks? Corporate America just got its answer, direct from the angriest man to have been empowered in the past election: Republican Sen. Trent Lott.

The Mississippian was "infuriated" by the insurance industry's refusal to shell out for certain Katrina claims, most notably his own. So Mr. Lott is spearheading a ferocious campaign of political revenge that would make even Henry Waxman envious--replete with investigations, voracious trial lawyers, ambitious state attorneys general and threats of punitive federal legislation. And like most personal grievances that get morphed into policy battles, it's ending badly for consumers.

Somebody should have simply put this animal out of his misery years ago. And it should have been a Republican who did it.

This is particularly galling:

Mr. Lott's beachfront property in Pascagoula--one of three homes he owned--was swept away entirely by Hurricane Katrina's waters. Like many Gulf Coast residents, Mr. Lott was soon reminded by his insurer, State Farm, that his policy only covered wind damage--not flood damage. The senator surely knew that, which is why he'd also purchased federal flood insurance. According to his flood policy that was in effect when Katrina hit, he was covered up to $350,000 in flood damages, and he presumably collected in full.

But $350K was not enough for the Cheerleader-In-Toupee! Nosirreee Bob!!

First was to pay a call to the favorite mob squad of the left, the plaintiffs' bar. Quicker than you can say "tort reform," Dickie Scruggs, the legal kingpin who engineered Mississippi's tobacco shakedown, was representing Mr. Lott in a high-profile lawsuit against State Farm.

In July of last year, [Lott] placed a call to Chuck Chamness, the CEO of the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies, to let the industry know what was coming. Mr. Chamness later sent a letter to Mr. Lott, summing up the call. The key passage: "Your comment that you will dedicate your next term of office to 'bringing down State Farm and the industry' through all means available to you, including legislation designed to harm the property/casualty insurance industry, was very unsettling, to say the least."

Makes you wonder whether the Small Gummint crowd might have a point, no?

Lott is revealing the sleaze which Mississippi pols ordinarily keep under white sheets wraps very carefully. Let's hope that he not only loses the next election, but that this activity as a Senator is deemed criminal. Then he can lose his pension, too--and have only his sheets trailer-park housing to keep him warm.


Billiam said...

Lott's nickname should have been The Sleazy Hammer.

Anonymous said...

If ya live in an area prone to hurricanes, then it would just make sense to have flood insurance. It's not like the man couldn't afford it. Flapping gums in court over your own lack of planning? Just plain wrong!

Dad29 said...

No, Kate--he HAD flood insurance, too.

He wants his seaside mansion rebuilt complete.

And it will cost a LOT(t) more than $350K. After all, he's a US Senator.

Just the closet-space for his toupees is likely 2000 square feet...