Friday, February 23, 2007

The Libby Case: End-Game

Easily the most comprehensive coverage of the Libby "trial" is found here.

His conclusion?

I will offer this Bold Prediction - win, lose, or draw, Libby never spends a day in prison. He will remain free pending appeals; if the case is remanded, it will be dropped; otherwise, he will be pardoned.

And more Bold Predictions - this "investigation" (which did not make a serious attempt to establish Ari Fleischer's or Tim Russert's credibility by calling John Dickerson and David Gregory as well as Andrea Mitchell) is over, and Fitzgerald will not be in charge of the appeals. Why not? Well, partly because his own conduct, including but not limited to his
outrageous close, will be one basis for the appeal.

Clearly, Fitzgerald (a GWB appointee) is an ass. Russert has problems with credibility, but he's Not As Bad As Dan Rather.

Altogether, another waste of taxpayer dollars.

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