Friday, February 16, 2007

Homosexual Ed in Massachusetts: Bend Over and Take It

A while back, a couple in Massachusetts objected to 'homosexual ed' for their 7-year-old, carried out by their son's public school.

Here's Chapter 2:

At a hearing last week, Lexington public school officials argued in court that public schools have a mandate to teach positively about homosexuality and that parents have no right to have their children exempted from such instruction. A parent's only option is to withdraw their children completely from public school, lawyers argued.

...The parents decided on a lawsuit after a homosexual fairy tale, "King & King," was read to the Wirthlin's seven-year-old son in class. In the story, a prince turns away one beautiful princess after another until finally falling in love with another prince. The princes' marry, kiss, and live happily ever after. The story was read as part of a class on weddings.

The school brought up various Massachusetts Department of Education curriculum frameworks as well as the assertion that same-sex marriage is "legal" in Massachusetts.

Ruling expected in three weeks.

What you recognize in the School District's argument is called "Totalitarianism." Conveniently, I have a post below which addresses that question, although my post has to do with DarthDoyle's version.

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