Wednesday, February 28, 2007

WISN Host Fisher Breaks a Big Story: DMV/WI Helps the Illegals

Here's the top of the fold graf:

If Osama Bin Laden came to a Wisconsin DMV customer service center, affirmed he was an illegal alien, presented two forms of identification and one proof of residency in his own name, he would be issued a Wisconsin ID card. Unless he caused a disturbance or displayed a document that was clearly fraudulent, the police would not be notified.... Once he had his Wisconsin document, Osama would then qualify to get taxpayer benefits, vote in the next election, and do untold harm to our society. (anonymous letter to the reporter)


In Wisconsin, neither American citizenship nor legal residency in the country is required to get a drivers license or an official state ID. A foreign birth certificate, which a DMV employee may or may not be able to read or check for authenticity may be used to show a person’s name and date and place of birth, or a signed credit card may be used as proof of identity. And proof of residency may be verified using a paycheck stub, a state welfare card, or a utility bill. Because Wisconsin has lax standards, it has become a magnet for illegal immigrants. Using Wisconsin documents, ordinary illegal immigrants or international terrorists are able to begin to create identities in this country that cannot be distinguished from native Americans.

Raising the question of "Who ISSUED These Orders?" is the following:

DMV rules, Steines [a recently-retired DMV employee] said, mandate that DMV frontline agents not only issue state IDs and driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, they threaten those agents who refuse to issue them with being fired for insubordination

So who are Doyle's Boyzzz (Frankie Busalacchi & Co.) giving valid State ID's to?

Several current DMV agents agreed to speak with THE NEW AMERICAN under the condition of complete anonymity because they are speaking as private citizens and fear reprisals. One of them said that on multiple occasions he has had Hispanics at his service counter who sported viewable tattoos of MS-13, one of the ultra-violent Hispanic gangs originating south of the border that are plaguing the United States.

DMV personnel are not allowed to inquire if they have a green card or current passport authorizing their presence in this country.

...DMV rules actually go in the opposite direction, making getting a driver’s license almost assured. The DMV has a form called the Social Security Number Noneligibility Certification for foreigners, through which they can bypass requirements for presenting a S.S. number. Making the system more of a farce is a DMV rule requiring employees to accept almost any form or document, from any country, in any language, as proof of identification as long as the document appears genuine. Since DMV employees may not be able to read Spanish, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Arabic, or whatever other language the document is printed in, it’s impossible to know for sure what they are being asked to authenticate. Moreover, the DMV employees are told to accept as valid ID the matricula consular card, an ID card issued by the Mexican consulate that the FBI has warned against accepting as proof of identification because of rampant fraud.

Federal Criminals, DMV Employees!! All at the same time!!

Federal law, Section 8 USC 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii), says that anyone who helps an illegal in any way whatsoever (this would include issuing documents to them) is in violation of federal law and shall “be fined under title 18, imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.” Yet Wisconsin DMV employees are told that even if someone at their counter admits to being in the United States illegally, the employees are supposed to pretend that they did not hear the remark and go about issuing them a license or ID anyway.

Are these aliens just MS-13 gang-bangers? Nope. Worse.

There is, according to one unnamed source within the DMV, strong evidence that people who are out to harm the United States are operating freely throughout the country, using Wisconsin IDs or driver’s licenses to aid them.

How many?

According to the DMV personnel we interviewed, there has been a veritable flood of illegal immigrants besieging DMV offices to get IDs and licenses over the past four years. Illegal immigrants arrive at DMV stations almost daily. On some days they represent the bulk of a service center’s customers, especially in the southeastern and mideastern parts of the state. Because of the extra time that DMV officials must spend aiding foreign license applicants, costs rise.

Estimates of the number of illegals who have Wisconsin IDs and driver’s licenses are somewhere in the area of 350,000 to 400,000.

One hopes that JB VanHollen is in contact this very minute with the US Attorneys in Milwaukee and Madistan.

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