Tuesday, February 13, 2007

DarthDoyle: Kiss My Taxes!

So far, I've seen two different figures estimating the total tax increases proposed by DarthDoyle, whose Madistan-Extreme-Left colors are flying high.

The first, $1 Billion, comes from the Republican Assembly Speaker. The second, a whopping

comes from another Assemblyman of the (R) stripe.
By the way, the "Madistan" reference is quite significant. A recent presentation indicates that the median family income in Dane County is around $64K--whereas the median family income in Milwaukee County is around $35K.
It should not surprise anyone that a Dane County Democrat, with Dane County pals, thinks that $1 Billion, or a $Billion-Seven, is no big deal.
But that's going to be imposed on Milwaukee County residents, too. Gasoline, hospital, and cigarette taxes are regressive by their very nature (as are drivers/auto registration "fee" increases), and property-tax increases will be painful, too.
There are not too many Counties in the State where the median-family income exceeds $64K--but that's where DarthDoyle's Cabinet, and most State workers live. No big deal to them....
Pitchforks at dawn, anyone?
“The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedients, and by parts.” —Edmund Burke

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Billiam said...

Only if I can carry a pitch soaked torh. I've always wanted to carry both. I could even bring my Italian Bastard sword. It's real, and would be appropriate, don't you think?