Monday, February 19, 2007

Hy 67/94: ANOTHER Upgrade?

The interchange at I-94/Hy. 67 was recently improved, adding an eastbound entry-ramp from 67 to 94, with widened roadway north and south of the Interstate.

So what do we read in the morning paper?

Road improvements needed to accommodate the massive Pabst Farms development could cost the state and county more than $20 million, a county official said last week.

County Public Works Director Richard Bolte said state highway planners expect to spend $20 million or more just on rebuilding the I-94 interchange at Highway 67.

Expansion also could be needed on surrounding county highways where traffic is likely to exceed the capacity of those two-lane roads, Bolte said.

Detailed cost projections have not been developed, he said, adding that no significant improvements are expected to be needed for at least five years.

Pabst Farms is a 1,500-acre residential and commercial development under way near Oconomowoc.

Unnnhhhh....Pabst Farms has been under development for about 10 years now--it shouldn't be a surprise to most folks. Roundy's built a super-warehouse there, as did Target. There are a number of smaller businesses which have occupied space in the area NW of the intersection.

Seems to me that a more comprehensive first-pass at planning the growth could have produced a less expensive second-pass.

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