Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Radio News: Not "Slanted;" It Slopes!

Here's the text from CNS/ABC News:

Britain, America's most important ally in Iraq, will withdraw close to half its troops by the end of the year if local troops are able to secure the southern part of the country, Prime Minister Tony Blair was expected to announce Wednesday.

British media reported that Blair would for the first time release a timetable for troop withdrawal, with 1,500 to return home in several weeks.

Britain has about 7,100 soldiers in Iraq.

Got that? IF the south is secured, Blair removes 1500 troops now, and perhaps another 1500 by year-end. It's relatively quiet in the south of Iraq, and the troops (frankly) don't have much to do.

But when you listen to the national newsreaders (1130AM), the story is different.

They call this a "very significant" event. They paint this minor and partial withdrawal as "major." They ask for comment from Dick Cheney (who states that the drawdown is a sign of success--which it certainly is.)

The tone and timbre of the voice, (breathless!!, excited!!), is directed to giving the impression that Britain is virtually quitting the Alliance--and that the US remains only due to the feckless ineptitude of GWBush.

Almost like listening to the "Econ Professor" Kathleen Dunn.

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