Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hello! Mayor Barrett!! You're In Wisconsin!!

We know that Milk-Carton spends a lot of time "out of the office," so we thought we'd help him.

Here in Wisconsin when you buy a handgun from a licensed dealer, the dealer is required to perform a background check. That's the reason you fill out a form supplied by the Wisconsin Department of Justice, and why the dealer may NOT transfer the weapon to the buyer until they recieve explicit authorization.

First key word in the above is "WISCONSIN." (Not D.C., not New York City.) OK, Tom?

Second key word: "handgun."

Third key word: "required."

Barrett also called upon the state Legislature to pass “responsible” gun legislation that would require background checks for all handgun purchases and prohibit all sales of handguns to those under 21 years old.

Just trying to help, Tom. Check your plane ticket-stubs to find out where you are.

HT: Boots & Sabers

Of course, if you want to obtain a pistol badly enough, just hang around the FBI offices. In the last 3 1/2 years, the FBI has lost 144 guns.

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Brother James said...

I wonder if the weapons are truly lost, or just "lost" for purposes of deniability should a ballistics test match the weapon to a shooting...