Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Democrat Party Likes DEMOCRAT Wars Only

Levin points out an interesting fact:

As I think this through further, most of our wars, or military battles/confrontations/actions/peace missions, have not been declared by Congress, including North Korea and Vietnam, and most recently our military actions in the former Yugoslaviaall of which were initiated by Democrat presidents, by the way. And some of the same Democrats who claim authority to undeclare the war in Iraq supported Bill Clinton prosecuting a war in Serbia, Kosovo, and other places without any declaration or resolution of war. They are clearly applying a different standard to this president and this war.

There is a move afoot to "un-declare" the Iraq War amidst the Democrats in Congress. This earns the delicately-phrased rejoinder:

"Are You Out of your F*&^%$ MINDS?"

It's one thing to have serious reservations about the post-Saddam planning, which obviously was not comprehensive.

It's another thing entirely to yank funding out from under the feet of soldiers, which, in effect, is shooting our military in the back. The Democrats understand that that course would likely earn them the soubriquet "The Traitor Party."

So now their theorists have floated an "un-Declaration" possibility, which is without precedent or foundation in the Constitution.

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Brother James said...

For a body that's keen on the seperation of powers, the legislative branch seems poised to transgress the boundaries of the executive branch.