Thursday, February 08, 2007

How Much More Can Mayfair Take?

About a year ago, we issued the orders: none of our children living at home would be allowed at Mayfair shopping center after 7:00 PM. Further, since their parents weren't going there after 7:00 PM, either, no use asking for a "parent-accompanied" exception.

That was before it became dangerous to ride the bus or trying to PARK in the place.

The owners of the land underneath Mayfair don't have to worry too much; a redevelopment into office space will sustain the value of the land quite well, thank you.

But the retailers currently paying very heavy rent--that's another thing.

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J said...

Brookfield Square >>>>> Mayfair. May still be troubling to park sometimes, but the mall is much more friendly! Personally though, I enjoy both malls in Madison...