Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Rudy? No.

You've noticed the sudden increase in blog accolades of Rudy Giuliani. By no coincidence, the laudatory bits are all over the place in the rightist 'sphere.

The fact that Rudy announced yesterday is not a coincidence.

Given the amount of antipathy to McPain (whose personal campaign-finance "reform" is to opt out of the system and maximize his donation-intake) and the relatively low-visibility of others (Brownback, e.g.,) the Right-Side Kingmakers have decided Rudy's the man.

Somewhere along the line, I thought there were supposed to be some caucuses and primaries. Maybe I missed them.

GWB was also a relatively conservative guy who suddenly materialized as "the man." He's pretty good on judicial picks, has done a yeoman's (and thankless) job with foreign affairs and a somewhat amorphous war, and stuck to his principles on ESCR.

But there are a couple of areas in which it's clear that he's not a Conservative. He's a drunken sailor with a budget, and he doesn't have a firm grip on the concept of borders and citizenship.

But what is likely to hurt GWB's reputation most are his clearly horrific picks for domestic staff: FEMA comes to mind, and now his US Attorneys in Texas are clearly problems.

Rudy's promised that his Judiciary picks will be just great.

No noises on budgets, and he thinks that the 2nd Amendment right to self-defense only applies to country folks.

God only knows about his US Attorney picks, tax policy, or his thoughts on such things as borders and citizenship.

Not King yet. Maybe not even a prince.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps both of them will burn out by December, and make way for a REAL conservative? Yes, I know, wishful thinking.

Brother James said...

Another election looms where I'll have to hold my nose WHILE voting, and go to confession AFTER. I hate only voting agaist the worst candidates, and not seeing anyone that I genuinely feel is right for the job.

Anonymous said...

If you vote for someone who is pro-choice only because he is slightly less pro-choice than the other guy, you are playing into their hands and are a sucker. The only way to shift the discussion in favor of life, is to make it clear that there are votes to be won in that direction. If they figure you are already in the bag, that you are going to vote Republican, even while holding your nose, they will pay lipservice to your concerns, while actually blowing you off. A protest vote, or even no vote at all, is a powerful force in a democracy.