Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mark Graul: Classic Republican Model

Maybe Mark Graul's forgotten what flyover country is really like, having spent too much time in the Swamp known as D.C.

Wiggy observes, regarding Ziegler's Supreme Court race:

This is the second statewide race in a row for Republican campaign manager Mark Graul where the candidate did not seek the Pro-Life Wisconsin Victory Fund endorsement. Last election cycle it was former Congressman Mark Green's campaign for governor.

"Pro-Life" for the classical Republican means Muffy and Kevin (children of privilege) should prosper at the country club; but other lives are not quite so valuable. It's the formulation used by the national party until Ron Reagan. The single most prominent Pubbie with this viewpoint was Nelson Rockefeller--followed by G H W Bush and his wife.

The same philosophy was addressed by Karl Rove in arguably the most shameful remark EVER made by a modern-day "Republican."

Maybe Graul and Rove like being in the minority.

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