Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine Greetings!

Nope. Not from me.

From Planet Moron, which has several for the politically-inclined:

Moderate Republican:

Our states are red

Theirs are all blue
Abortion is murder
But what can you do?

Moderate Democrat:

The war is illegal

That is our finding
That’s why we need resolutions
That are not at all binding

Extreme Right Wing Republican:

Pelosi’s a red

Reid is one too
I do like that Lieberman
But I hear he’s a Jew

Extreme Left Wing Democrat:

We must stand as one
No matter our views
Except for that Lieberman
I hear he’s a Jew

Amanda Marcotte:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
This holiday is a patriarchal construct meant to sustain a corrupt male-dominated culture which at its center is built upon the subjugation of women [like practiced by the Hitlerian-led Catholic Church.]*

Planet Moron Readers

Campari is red
Curacao, blue
Add enough gin
And you’ll feel as we do

*Added by Dad29

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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