Sunday, February 18, 2007

And They Want to Manage Your Health-Care, Too!


The state has pulled the plug on what was to be a $41.2 million computer project after it spent $10 million on a key component that has yet to work.

A related project has also been plagued with delays. The Statewide Unemployment Insurance Tax Enterprise System, or SUITES, was originally budgeted at $17.2 million, but is now expected to cost $29 million - $12.2 million more than originally planned.

The suspension of the federally funded EnABLES project comes...less than a year after the University of Wisconsin System abandoned a payroll system that had cost $26 million.

The state has been beset with a host of computer problems in recent years, including a failed e-mail upgrade, a long-delayed voter registration system and a database that has not accurately tracked sales tax collections. Together, the value of those troubled projects exceeds $100 million.

These very same folks will "create efficiencies" by "consolidating bureaucracies" and therefore "save lotsa money" when they establish the State-run healthcare system.

"The check is in the mail."

"I'll respect you in the morning."

"I'm here from the Government to help you."

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Brother James said...

Sounds like the state communications/technology office is mentally understaffed. Somehow, a vendor has to be accountable for costs that vastly exceed their original bid.