Monday, February 26, 2007

Tosa's Mayor: Safety? Last...

In Wauwatosa, like Milwaukee, there's an ordinance which requires that homeowners clear snow from their sidewalks. This is for the safety of people who actually USE the sidewalks.

If you don't follow the rule, you can be ticketed and fined.

Thus, it is ironic that Mayor-ette Estness' very own City Hall and Library's sidewalks were snow-filled today (Monday) as late as 8:25 AM. Children walking to Longfellow Middle School were struggling, slipping, and sliding over the lumpy hillocks of ice and snow, dangerously close to Wauwatosa Ave (76th st) and North Ave.

Maybe Alderman McGee can instruct the Mayor-ette on the principles of Good Neighbor-ship.

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J said...

Walking to class today was exciting. You could tell who did their duty and shoveled their property over the weekend and who didn't. It has been warm enough that shoveling it Saturday meant it was just wet today, whereas not shoveling it led to slippery slush/ice. Most UW building areas were good, but some were quite pathetic. They could help us get to class on time by getting it done properly!