Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hastert: The Slime Stops Here

This blog has never been particularly impressed by Denny Hastert, the Speaker of the House; it seems as though misdirection was his forte and that he was elected Speaker largely because he managed to avoid controversy.

This time, the controversy splattered all over his face, shirt, and tie. And it reeks.

National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Reynolds (N.Y.) issued a statement Saturday in which he said that he had informed Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) of allegations of improper contacts between then-Rep. Mark Foley (R-Fla.) and at least one former male page, contradicting earlier statements from Hastert.'

GOP sources said Reynolds told Hastert earlier in 2006, shortly after the February GOP leadership elections. Hastert's response to Reynolds' warning remains unclear.

Hastert's staff insisted Friday night that he was not told of the Foley allegations and are scrambling to respond to Reynolds' statement.

Hastert's not the only one:

House Majority Leader John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) told The Washington Post last night that he had learned this spring of inappropriate "contact" between Foley and a 16-year-old page. Boehner said he then told House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.). Boehner later contacted The Post and said he could not remember whether he talked to Hastert.

Another "back-and-forthright" House leader (this blog wasn't all that impressed by Boehner, either...)

We share the opinion of the Captain: Hastert and Boehner should resign their positions as Speaker and Majority Leader.

NOW would be fine.

Powerline's Hinderaker demurs, stating that 'we don't know what Foley did [to the pages], only that he wrote "overly friendly" notes.' I think that Hinderaker has lost his mind. "Overly friendly" notes from a known homosexual to teenaged boys are NOT minor matters. Pederasty and pedophilia are (and always have been) the preferred homosexual gratification-vehicle. Those "overly friendly notes" were a clear warning.

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atarijpb said...

Owen took his post down on this topic - any idea why?

atarijpb said...

Nevermind - it's up. Stupid refresh button...

Anonymous said...

Yes, everyone in leadership or otherwise, who knew about this and did nothing (which seems pretty obvious that they did), should resign. And charges brought. I agree.

But "Pederasty and pedophilia are (and always have been) the preferred homosexual gratification-vehicle."

Is incredibly false.

Dad29 said...

Logan, the recorded HISTORY of homosexual practice begins with "Greek Love," wherein older Greek homosexuals sought YOUNGER ones (<18 years of age) as vehicles for gratification. It's the preference, plain and simple, and remains so today (see:

I grant you that most homosexuals, as they age, migrate toward older homosexual lovers--but that does not change the PREFERENCE.

We are dealing with a disorder here which is akin to the disorder of some heterosexuals who ALSO prefer younger victims.

They are both disorders, Logan.

Anonymous said...

Oh please, a link to (among others) NAMBLA? That's silly. The PREFERENCE of SOME homosexuals is certainly akin with that of SOME heterosexuals who prefer those who are underage, but it is not the "preferred homosexual gratification-vehicle." If you argue that, then you have to argue that the preferred gratification-vehicle for all persons is the under-aged.

I could link you to an absurd amount of straight pornographic websites that market to those who FANTISIZE about underage persons, but I won't.

My point still stands, "Pederasty and pedophilia are (and always have been) the preferred homosexual gratification-vehicle," is false.

Linking to a few groups, which in no way represent the VAST majority of the gay community is simply a bad argument. I expect better.

Dad29 said...

Maybe you prefer studies:

While pro-homosexual activists like to claim that pedophilia is a completely distinct orientation from homosexuality, evidence shows a disproportionate overlap between the two. Although almost all child molesters are male and less than 3% of men are homosexual, about a third of all child sex abuse cases involve men molesting boys--and in one study, 86% of such men identified themselves as homosexual or bisexual. Ignoring this reality got the Catholic Church into trouble over abusive priests,...

It is the 'preferred' route. By no means is it the ONLY route.

Anonymous said...

That study doesn't entail that sex with boys is sexual gratification-vehicle preferred by gay or bisexual men.

That only supports that the argument that the majority of men who molest boys identify as gay or bisexual. Men who are part of an incredible minority in the gay community.

Implication v. Entailment. Two different things.

Dad29 said...

Logan, somewhere in Vocabulary 101 at Marquette U. they offer assistance with definitions.

Please look up "Preferred."

Note that the definition is not the same as the one for "Exclusive."

Got that? Good.

Now read my post again. "....pederasty [now clarified as 'ephebophilia'] is the PREFERRED method..."

How can I make this more clear?

You could read it yourself. Get the book entitled "The Rite of Sodomy" (Export, PA: NEP, 2006) by R. Engel.

Finally, it is not just co-incidence that homosexuals are way over-represented in pedophile crime...much as you would like us to believe that it is.

Anonymous said...

At no point did I equate 'prefer' with 'exclusive.' I'm saying (and said) that sexual gratification with boys is not preferred to sexual gratification with adults by the overwhelming majority of gay men.

I understand you didn't say that it was exclusive. You said preferred. And that is false.

Most gay men prefer pursuing sexual gratification with adults, just like I assume you do. The only difference is that they like dudes.

3% of child molesters are gay. And molestation is less about sexual attraction than it is about power.

We could just agree to disagree, also. I think we may have gotten to the end of where either of our arguments can have a chance of convincing the other person.

On a related note: Vocabulary 101 got phased out two years before my freshman year.

Dad29 said...

Too bad about Vocab 101. I had to take it back in the Bad Old Days.

Seachamp said...

I can't beleive people are still spreading the lie that gay people are pedophiles. The statement:

"... it is not just co-incidence that homosexuals are way over-represented in pedophile crime...much as you would like us to believe that it is."

This is simply not true. The majority of pedophilic crime is heterosexual - albeit a very twisted version.

Groups like The American Family Association publishes all sorts of false data to push the idea that gay people are pedophiles, or that gay people are 'confused' into being gay by being sexually abused. Folks, this just ain't true.

What is true is that pedophilia is a disorder, and a crime of a very damaging nature, with a very high rate of recidivism. But to equate pedophilia with homosexuality is not just misinformed, it is downright irresponsible.