Thursday, October 26, 2006

Abp Dolan To Come Out Swinging

The Archbishop of Milwaukee, Timothy Dolan, has dumped his 'cheesehead' in favor of his mitre and crook, and takes a public stand on Homosex Marriage, aimed at a large audience:

He will be appearing live on the Weber show during the 10AM (CDT) hour today, October 26, to re-iterate his authoritative teaching on marriage.

Attaboy, Your Grace!!

Streaming broadcast HERE for you out-staters.


Amy said...

I love Abp Dolan. I will be happy for him - but sad for Milwaukee - if he's called to New York.

He is exactly what this city - and the Catholic faith - needs.

Anonymous said...

I listened to the interview on the I am confused..He is saying to vote "yes" to the ammendment? I know how Massingale thinks everyone should vote, are these two opposed? Or does someone need to help me here (really)???


Dad29 said...

OK, here's the story.

The Archbishop of Milwaukee, who has the authority (and responsibility) to teach in the name of the Church, says "Vote YES."

A priest, who has NO teaching authority except at Marquette University, adopts a position opposite that of the Archbishop, thus becoming a dissenter from the Church's authority.

If you're a Catholic, this is a no-brainer.

Fr. Massingale is not to be trusted, nor followed.

Anonymous said...

The amendment isn't all cut and dry, there are two issues linked together that must be considered. Voting "yes" or "no" to the first part impacts the second part of the amendment.

Fr. Massingale is asking us to look at the "whole picture" and make a decision based on the "common good", which is paramount in our Catholic Teaching. The amendment is about a whole lot more than "marriage to one man, one woman" and ALL parts need to be considered before casting our vote.

The Cathechism of the Church and our wealth of Catholic Social Teaching gives Catholics the mandate to follow and is a good place to begin. Then, read the amendment in its entirety and vote one's conscience.

Dad29 said...

Fr. Massingale is wrong. He is attempting to oppose natural-law marriage to the "common good."

That is fundamentally flawed.

By extension, he is also denying that marriage is a sacrament, which has implications.

What he HAS tried to do is invent objections which have no foundation in the language of the amendment. "Denying health care" is ridiculous on its face. There is a Federal law requiring hospitals to render care regardless of ability to pay.

As I pointed out, competent legal opinion agrees that most all other "issues" Massingale raises can be resolved in the Legislature notwithstanding the Second Sentence's language.

So Massingale is "pulling a Bernardin" by:

1) deliberately ignoring the heirarchy of moral imperatives; and in so doing 2) deliberately endangering a sacrament, as well as the natural law.

Sorry. You and he are wrong.

Anonymous said...

Marquette has two heretics that need to be removed...this Massingale clown and Dan Maquire.