Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bp Morlino: A Teacher With Authority

Discovered by the Triumvirate:

Morlino’s “personal and confidential” letter of Oct. 25, released to The Capital Times this morning, warns diocesan pastors that disagreeing with his positions is not allowed. “I must make it very clear that any verbal or non-verbal expression of disagreement with this teaching on the part of the priest will have to be considered by myself as an act of disobedience, which could have serious consequences.”

So does authority diminish with proximity to Lake Michigan?

Terry Berres covers more here.


Brother James said...

So, how did this "Personal and Confidential" letter make it's way to the Press? Via a disaffected cleirc who doesn't fancy the idea of obedience to his bishop? Can you think of a different motive?

Dad29 said...

The letter was released to the press by Bishop Morlino.

Brother James said...

Oh, well then, that's quite alright. I wonder why the Personal and Confidential bit then. We had a case, a few years ago, about an angry parishoner giving the press private correspondence betwixt her and the bishop of Omaha about some point of contention. It was an ugly scene.