Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Darth Does Dollars

Darth pulled ahead of Green in available money. No surprise there.

Sure enough, Darth also made things difficult:

Following past practice, the Doyle campaign submitted its report to the board in a format that makes it difficult to analyze contributions and to spot trends.

Darth's friends seem to live in other places.

Green submitted his report in an electronic database. In an accompanying statement, his campaign said it received 12,153 contributions in the period just ended, with 70% for less than $100. The campaign said 90% of the contributions came from within the state.

A past review showed that about 20% of Doyle's money came from outside the state.

We'll see if the Little Engine actually Could. It's also possible that electing Darth gets us Barb Lawton, after the indictments are in...

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