Saturday, October 21, 2006

Milwaukee Priests' Disgruntled and/or Dissenters' List

Below we mentioned that Fr. Davey Cooper printed a dissent from the teaching of the Milwaukee Archbishop in his parish bulletin. "Affirming" the dissent is the Milwaukee Area Priests' Alliance, a group of twittering and simpering adolescents who are on the payroll (or pension-roll) of the Milwaukee Archdiocese.

Turns out that Fr. Davey is the President of the group.

Cooper's last brush with infamy occurred when he invited a "wimmin's ordination" wacko to speak on parish grounds. He was forced to write an apology and dis-invite the speaker. Evidently Fr. Davey didn't get the message.

Other illustrious members of the MAPA include:

Dick Aiken (he doesn't use his honorific--why should I?) Aiken was the celebrant of a non-Mass I attended at St. Sebastian's parish. Yes, it was Sunday. Yes, it was in a Catholic church. But it wasn't a Mass. Dick, who obviously knows more than the Roman Congregation for Divine Worship, "improved" on the rubrics and texts so much that his "Mass" was invalid.

Here's the rest of the list, direct from their website:

Richard Abert, SJ, Dennis Ackeret, John Aiello, Steve Amann, Joseph Anderson, Joseph Aufdermauer, Ken Augustine, Steve Avella, Mike Barrett, John Baumgartner, Robert Betz, James Brady, Allen Bratkowski, John Brophy, Todd Budde, Daniel Budzynski, William Burkert, Gregory Chycinski, Charlie Conley, Michael Crosby, OFM Cap, James Dammeir, Paul Daniels, Michael Dineen, Gene Doda, Peter Drenzek, Steve Dunn, Thomas Eichenberger, John Endejan, Michael Erwin, Ed Eschweiler, Paul Esser, David Filut, George Fleischmann, Curt Frederick, Joseph Frederick, George Gajdos, Robert Gloudeman, Robert Gosma, Ron Gramza, Mike Grellinger, Ralph Gross, Joseph Haas, Howard Haase, Jeffrey Haines, Chuck Hanel, Gerald Hauser, Quintin Heck, Art Heinze, Patrick Heppe, Gerald Hessel, Joseph Hornacek, Jerry Hudziak, Terrance Huebner, Joseph Juknialis, Alan Jurkus, Robert Katorski, Niles Kauffman, OFM Cap., Jack Kern, Bill Keyand, James Kimla, Stanley Klauck, Anthony Klink, Ken Knippel, Vince Kobida, William Kohler, Ed Kornath, Kevin Kowalske, Ron Kowalski, Joe Koyickal, Michael Krejci, Daniel Lasecki, Carl Last (Rector, St. John's Cathedral), Tom LeMieux, Dennis Lewis, Paul Lipper,t Jim Loehr, Bob Lotz, Brian Mason, Robert Massey, Bryan Massingale, Tony McCarthy, Michael McLernon, David Meinholz, Kenneth Mich, Mike Michalski, Richard Mirsberger, Mark Molling, Richard Molter, Mike Moran, John Michael Murphy, Andrew Nelson, Eugene Newman, Robert Novotny, Gary Nowicki, Patrick O'Loughlin, Luis Pacheco-Sanchez, Andre Papineau, Dan Pekarske, SDS, Eugene Pocernich, John Pulice, Paul Raczynski, George Rebatzki, Philip Reifenberg, Dave Reith, Robert Richter, Dick Robinson, Anthony Russo, SCJ, Mick Savio, Richard Schlenker, Karl Schneider, Chuck Schramm, John Schreiter, Larry Sepich [sic], Greg Serwa, Allan Somme,r Bill Stanfield, Mark Stangel, Paul Stanosz (ex-blogger), Robert Stiefvater, Steve Stradinger, Michael Sturm, Thomas Suriano, Tom Sweetser, SJ, (ex-faculty, Marquette High), John Theisen, Jeff Thielen, Donald Thimm, Walter Vogel, James Vojtik, Gordon Weber, Dennis Weis, Patrick Wendt, Laurin Wenig, Charlie Wester, Edward Wieland, Mike Witczak, Tom Wittliff, Joe Wolf, Charles Zabler, Tony Zimmer.

I know more than a few of these guys. If they'd spend less time playing "union" and more time in their vocation as priests,....

Aaahh....what's the use?


David B said...

FYI Brian Mason was the Parish Piest for St. Mary's Waukesha. Home of on of the female priest wanna bes.

Anonymous said...

Ever actually MET Brian Mason? Hell... he IS a female priest wannabe!!

Lucy said...

Thanks for the list. As I new as I am to Milwaukee, I recognize a few names.

Dad29 said...

There are plenty of 'light-in-the-loafers' types on that list.

David B said...


Actaully yes I have met Father Brian because he was my parish priest and I was on the RCIA team.

He was in no way effeminate and little snide remarks like that go a long way towards making this entire debate a homophobic rant that can be safely ignored instead of what Dad29 has managed to do to bring this debate out front.

Have you ever met him?

Anonymous said...


Why, yes--I HAVE met him. Several hundred times.

I'm really glad to hear you were on your parish's RCIA team. If your intellectual acumen is as well honed as your powers of observation ("he was in no way effeminate..."), I bet the catechesis in the RCIA program was really something!!

Since St. Mary's Waukesha was "home of one of he female priest wanna bes," sounds like at least SHE got something out of her affiliation with ol' Brian...

David B said...

Well then this should all be easy to iron out huh? Who are you anon? I was there for seven years so I am sure I will recognize your name instantly.

I am David Baylor. Your turn. Or are you the incredible little sophmoric ass you try so hard to appear to be?

Dad29 said...

David, I cannot figure out what you said here:

snide remarks like that go a long way towards making this entire debate a homophobic rant that can be safely ignored instead of what Dad29 has managed to do to bring this debate out front

I really don't care about 'orientation.' My concern is that there are 100+ priests who think that they "need" to form a "union."

AND, given the causes they have adopted, that this "union" seems to dissent from Catholic teaching.

David B said...

Dad29 I believe I understand your position. My comment was directed at the comment by the anonymous poster at 10:24 which contained no wisdom, no analysis, not even a comment save for a little homophobic snide remark.

I salute you for constantly fighting to protect our faith, however your point is weakened with commenters like anonymous

Anonymous said...

"Or are you the incredible little sophmoric ass you try so hard to appear to be?"

Yup. That's it Dave. Ya got me. Man. You're good. And, you've really mastered the ad hominem.

As for "knowing me instantly," probably not. Believe it or not, it's possible to know someone like Fr. Mason OUTSIDE the ambit of St. Mary's. Who knows... I might even be a fellow priest!

Interesting possibility, isn't it, Dave? There might actually be legitimate reasons for insisting upon anonymity.

Anonymous said...

Oh... by the way, Dave:

In your world, if one points out that someone is effeminate, does that automatically qualify him for the label "homophobic"? Or is that just another mindlessless, knee-jerk, judgmental, PC reaction?

David B said...


So we now know you do not know him from the Church, we know you are not a Catholic priest, and we know you are indeed an ass.

Just to kill that final thread of credibility, since Father Brian always mentions his sister in homilies and in conversations (of course you know this since he is famous for it) what is her name? Or will you finally admit you are a fake?

Anonymous said...


Rather glad you're not involved in police work. That deducive reasoning thing can be so tricky. You might want to look into an intro-level Logic course.

Many of us are hopeful that the recipients of your RCIA instruction weren't wowed by similar demonstrations of the deducive arts.

Just a suggestion: It's not a good idea to come to a battle of wits unarmed.


David B said...

"Bye" is right. Next time try telling the truth instead of pretending to know stuff you so obviously do not.

Anonymous said...

This is the most disgustingly unchristian blog I have ever read from a "local". The men that I know on the MAPA list are truly disciples of Christ. You, unfortunately need to do a bit more "praying" and a lot less "preying" upon collective groups of people. Certainly you would have been a crucifier of our Lord, just as your crucify these men.

Dad29 said...

Well, Anonymous, then don't READ this "disgusting" blog.

And, by the way, those who dissent from the Roman Catholic Church's position(s) are those who are crucifying Christ.

That would be the MAPA twits, FYI.

Jon Royal said...

Man! That list is terriable! There are priests in the Catholic Church that actually read the Gospel?
That actually saw the part where it said that Jesus he cares about 'poor people.'
Thanks for the list of great Catholics that I should meet!
The question that I pose to you is this "Who would Jesus Bomb!?"

God Bless,

Someone who read the Gospel

Dad29 said...

'Tis better to comment when NOT under the influence of drugs and alcohol, Jon.

Otherwise your posts may not be readable, much less understandable.


Anonymous said...

I can only speak for the men that you have on your list and you could not be further from the truth. These men are spirit filled men proclaiming the Gospel message all for the Greater Glory of God. It's too bad you seem to live by the law; try living by the Spirit. It brings much peace.

I pray for your change of heart.


Anonymous said...

One of these "spirit filled men" is Daniel Budzynski. He was removed from my church (St. Louis parish in Caledonia) in 1987 for molesting my friend. I would say he was filled with the devil. He is an evil little man!

Anonymous said...

is this the same brian mason I know ? father of wesley and colton?

Joe Offer said...

I went to St. Francis Seminary with many of these priests, and most are wonderful people. It hurts to see them excoriated by in such general terms. Sure, everyone has faults - but most of the people on this list are priests who are well-loved - and rightly so.
-Joe Offer, St. Francis Seminary Class of 1974 (I left in 1970)-

peter maurin said...

I also know several of the priests on this list. It is acandalous to slander these men's names. I don't know what Catholic Faith you believe in, but Slander is the attributing to another of a fault of which one knows him to be innocent. It contains a twofold malice, that which grows out of damage unjustly

Anonymous said...

It appears to me you need to re-visit the Gospels. I see only ego and self-righteousness in your comments. Be very careful when you slander God’s men, the priests, who have dedicated their lives in God’s service.