Thursday, October 19, 2006

Darth Doyle Lies (Who KNEW?)

Darth's not happy when people call him out, so he simply lies. The NRA's Executive Director thought he'd set the record straight:

The Doyle campaign says we’re lying when we tell you that Doyle opposed Wisconsin’s constitutional amendment to keep and bear arms. The Doyle campaign says “The Governor supported the constitutional amendment, and he continues to support the right to hunt, fish, and trap.” This is a classic case of bait-and-switch. The state constitutional amendment to keep and bear arms and the state constitutional amendment to hunt, fish and trap are two different things. And when it came to the amendment guaranteeing the right to keep and bear arms, Doyle called it, “an extremely radical proposal” and had one of his Justice Department flunkies testify against it in a legislative hearing. Does that sound like support to you? Doyle’s the one lying about his record, not us.

In Darth's world, only the Gummint folks have the 'right to keep and bear arms.'

Doyle tried to get legislation passed that would have banned almost every firearm and all ammunition in Wisconsin. But here’s the truth. Doyle asked a state senator to introduce a bill that would have done exactly that

I recall that kerfuffle. The provision which essentially banned ALL AMMO was carefully crafted and buried in the bill.

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Amy said...

Ban all guns and ammo in Wisconsin and the state will be even more of a haven for criminals.

Any politician who opposes the lawful possession of guns by law-abiding citizens is a dangerous politician.