Saturday, October 21, 2006

SHOCK!! Clintonoid Leaks National Security Docs

About time Hoekstra grew a pair:

The leaker of a classified National Intelligence Estimate to the New York Times has been identified as a Democrat staffer named Larry Hanauer. No other info is available on this cretin but he would seem to be this Larry Hanauer. A Clinton staffer in Department of Defense who was punted shortly after President Bush came into office

When Jane Harmon (wife of Harmon-Cardon zillionaire) objects, Hoekstra writes back:

"It has become clear to me, by your continuing and unauthorized releases of information received and maintained by the Committee, that Democrats are not willing to protect committee information, and that you are politicizing intelligence for purposes not reflecting national security values."

HT: RedStateBlog

(A letter addressing the situation)

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