Thursday, October 26, 2006

Student Self-Defense? Not in Texas Anymore

You recall that a Texas school district employee decided to teach students some elementary self-defense techniques for use if they were confronted with an armed intruder. The guy was not talking about guns, nor about "using textbooks as 'bulletproof shields.'" His advice was to swarm the attacker and use fists, fingernails, teeth, and feet to disable/injure him.

Made sense to me. Probably even made sense to Folkbum and Other Side.

But not to the Burleson School District.

The Burleson school district has “reassigned” Greg Crane, the teacher who was behind the training that taught students to fight back against an armed attacker. Mr. Crane was formerly a police officer and developed the idea when he asked his wife, a teacher, what she would do if her classroom were to be attacked and she didn’t have an answer.

Last Friday the district sent a letter to all parents outlining that they do not support any student resisting an attacker (i.e. they want to continue with the failed cooperate and die strategy).

The letter was signed by all principals in the district, save one, the principal of the school where Greg Crane taught, who also happens to be his wife.

Greg Crane was “reassigned” from his classroom teaching role to working from home.

The Burleson school district is now hiding behind confidentiality rules with regards to Mr. Crane and won’t discuss him further.

Mr. Crane says he has not been given a reason for the “reassignment” and is retaining a lawyer.

What the HELL is the matter with this School District?

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Kate said...

Burleson is too close to the Metroplex to stand strong against the lib mindset. :(