Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Massingale at St John Vianney 10/24th

An emailer advises that Fr. Massingale, a dissenter from Abp. Dolan's position on the Homosex Marriage Amendment, will be spreading the smoke of Satan around St. John Vianney parish in Brookfield this evening. A Canonical prohibition on homosex "Marriage" can be found here (scroll down to the end).

There is apparently some unhappiness among parish members.

"Unhappiness" at St. John's would not be news. Fr. Len Van Vlaenderen, the Pastor, is VERY close to the former Archbishop of Milwaukee, and had invited Abp. Weakland to confirm a group at St John's a couple of years ago--just after Abp. Weakland resigned in disgrace.

There was a revolt. Unhappy parish members made it clear that they did NOT want Abp. Weakland anointing their children. Fr. Van Vlaenderen pouted loudly--but Weakland was dis-invited.

Fr. Len was appointed pastor at St John's by Rembert Weakland. St John's is a wealthy parish whose members eat well. It's called a "plum."

Reportedly Van Vlaenderen has advised the Youth Group that "they should not let the Church tell them how to vote;" that their "informed" conscience should "guide them" in the voting booth.

Presumably, Fr. Massingale will "inform" the consciences of those who show up tonight.

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Brother James said...

Is there anyone that could attend this event that might represent a Magisterial position on the questions? Anyone? Anyone? Bernard Gui?