Sunday, October 29, 2006

Guess the Source

Here's a short excerpt from an interview. See if you can guess who said it:

What do contemporary intellectuals have to offer anyhow? What passionate engagement do they have to appeal to young people? Liberal secularism has become bourgeois and materialistic. It's snide, elitist, and politically marginalized. The chattering class clearly has no effect whatever on decision-making in Washington. Conservative radio hosts have been claiming that liberal criticism of Bush's decisiveness in invading Iraq mirrors the shilly-shallying of 1930s intellectuals during Hitler's rise. The intellectuals, with their cultivated internationalism, always counsel procrastination and leave it to the men of action to deal forcefully with fascist regimes.

Female.......American......College Prof........Author.......

You're right! Camille Paglia!!

HT: Clay Cramer

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Anonymous said...

I read that article as well. Its worth noting for those that didn't read the article that Camille is no fan of Bush, or the war in Iraq. She is very liberal on most issues. On those points I vehemently disagree with her. Having said that, what I have always liked about her is how direct, thoughtful and intellectually honest she is. She doesn't work from talking points, or offer the spin de jour. She is brutally honest. In this article she explains, perhaps better than most conservatives I have read, precisely what is wrong with the Democratic party and liberal movement today. She exploses better than anyone I can think of in recent memory how completely vapid and clueless the left has become. Included in this article is some brilliant analysis of the whole Foley brewhaha, and the complete lack of any meaningful ideas on how to deal with international terrorists and thier threat to the US. Great read!