Wednesday, October 18, 2006

McCann('t) Was Busy Elsewhere!

Some Milwaukee County residents wonder why E Michael McCann didn't prosecute criminals.

Here's your answer:

Milwaukee County District Attorney E. Michael McCann, filing on behalf of the state, had asked Hansher [a Circuit Court judge] to compel the county to buy or build a facility where Morford [sex-offender] could be housed after a committee appointed by the Legislature to recommend suitable locations failed in 2005.

So what's the big deal? HERE'S the big deal:

Department of Health and Family Services spokesman Jason Helgerson said his agency never disputed its responsibility and was not party to the petition filed by McCann.

"We didn't think the case had merit," Helgerson said. "We think the law is clear on who's responsible for finding placement under Chapter 980."

A small problem remains, according to Hansher:

" . . . until a facility to house these Chapter 980 detainees is built here in Milwaukee, he (Morford) is accepted elsewhere in the state on a permanent basis or the present placement criteria and requirements of Chapter 980 are changed by the Legislature," there is "nothing more this court can do."

Well, Mike McCann's going to have plenty of time soon. Maybe Billy Morford could move in with Mike, who could serve as his watchdog.

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