Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Massingale Cancelled, and Strange Lacunae

So at around 7:00 yours truly hauls through the parking lot at St John's. Counted cars, because there would be a "magic flyers" assignment--the news item would appear on all those cars' windshields during the lecture on Dissent.

Got back from Kinko's and most of the cars were gone. A few people (quite old, by the way) were standing around outside.

The lecture was cancelled. Awwwwww......

OK. The Strange Lacunae.

Go back and read the article from the Catholic Herald. Go almost to the end. See this 'graf:?

In writing the letter, Archbishop Dolan said he and the other signers, Bishops Robert C. Morlino of Madison; David A. Zubik of Green Bay; Raphael M. Fliss of Superior and Jerome E. Listecki of La Crosse, wanted to help shine light of the Gospel on what seems to be a controversial issue.

Notice anything? Read it again and count the Bishops of Wisconsin.

NOW you get it, right?

Were Weakland and Sklba out of town?

You're old enough. Draw your own conclusions.


Karen Marie said...

Don't be too paranoid. I don't see any of the other auxiliaries or emeriti there either, so why should Milwaukee's be?

Neo-Con Tastic said...

Aren't you sooooo disappointed?

Anonymous said...

I'm with Karen Marie; this seems like something that the "big guy" would get involved in without necessarily including the auxiliaries or an emeritus. On the other hand, it certainly wouldn't hurt, simply as a gesture of "solidarity" for them to jump on board. Lord knows, it sure would be nice for them all to speak with one voice, one heart. For those of us out there in the pews, that would be refreshing to hear.

Regardless, it's great that Massingale did NOT speak at St. John's. Of great interest would be the "back story": how/why did the cancelation happen??

Brother James said...

Mayhaps the rector at St. John's realised the danger to his appearance of neutrality. It would be nice to think that orthodox bloggers are generating some heat, if only in the most general sense, under the feet of the previously ambivalent.

Anonymous said...

God works in mysterious ways!!


Dad29 said...


There were protests brought by some parishioners--heavy-duty parishioners--

So it wasn't "neutrality." The pastor of this parish is NOT "neutral." He's a lefty, and is willing to deceive in order to get parish members to vote Left.

Dad29 said...

As to the Missing Bishops---

The letter was signed by the Ordinaries, not auxiliaries, nor retired Bishops.

However, there is no GOOD reason that the Auxiliaries or retired Bishops could not sign the letter.

Form? Puullllleeeeeeeze.

Terrence Berres said...

"However, there is no GOOD reason that the Auxiliaries or retired Bishops could not sign the letter."

Plus Bishop Sklba might have been able to add insights into the effect of the amendment on unconventional families, like Popeye's.