Sunday, October 22, 2006

Abp Dolan's Faith Problem: It's In the Next-Door Office

Terry knows how to find the collusive vermin, and puts some light into the dark corners.

We happen to think that Rome already has a fax prepared accepting Bp. Sklba's resignation. Maybe the Vatican should send it, whether Sklba does the right thing or not.

It's not just Cooper, Mich, Massingale and Schramm.

And, by the way, it wasn't just Sklba's oblique "approval" of wimminpriests which delayed his consecration as a Bishop.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Sklba need not submit his resignation until September 11 (no kidding), 2010.


Terrence Berres said...

Now, now, lighten up Dad. Perhaps one could construe them as putting one over on the authority figure, and then bitterly acting-out because of the consequences. Let him who didn't laugh at the same thing in Animal House cast the first stone.

Brother James said...

Terrence, the boys at Delta house weren't concerned with the salvation of souls, where as Bishop Sklba is supposed, never mind.