Saturday, October 21, 2006

Democratic Abortion Machine Exposed

Here's a right-to-the-point radio ad being run by America's PAC:

"Black babies are terminated at triple the rate of white babies," a female announcer in one of the ads says, as rain, thunder, and a crying infant are heard in the background. "The Democratic Party supports these abortion laws that are decimating our people, but the individual's right to life is protected in the Republican platform. Democrats say they want our vote.Why don't they want our lives?"

So who's "America's PAC"? Herman Cain is involved. So is J Patrick Rooney.

When Rooney ran Golden Rule insurance, they simply did not cover abortions.


Brother James said...

I've always wondered how the black community could be so dedicated to a party which advocates for it's destruction.
Margaret Sanger would be proud, that her movement has not only been instrumental in decimating the numbers of African Americans, but that the African Americans whole-heartedly support the program.
I've talked to liberals that say that there are people that shouldn't be allowed to breed. A Liberal, denying the choice of reproduction to someone? It shows the heart of the Beast. Their contempt for human life is incalculable

Anonymous said...

This is the ad campaign that calls women of color "hos."

Gosh, wonder why they don't vote Republican?