Thursday, October 19, 2006

More Taxes, Says Gimbel

There's no such thing as "enough" when taking money from taxpayers.

So the Midwest Center wants more money:

Planners say there are no immediate signs of a large convention being booked for Milwaukee in the next couple of years. In the meantime, the city is losing business to other cities, including Chicago, according to Doug Neilson, president and CEO of VISIT Milwaukee, the city's convention and visitors bureau.

That's why Gimbel is thinking expansion, an idea he has supported for years
"Expansion is something we have to revisit with some level of greater intensity than we have had in the past," Gimbel said. "To expand, we are going to need some help out of Madison. That means the state Legislature is going to have to visit whether or not they want to give us increased taxing authority."

Gimbel complains that the Midwest Center can't book "large" conventions.

I guess he missed the NRA's national convention. Maybe he was locked in Milk-Carton's office assisting the Mayor with the Pout About Guns.

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